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Information about emergency hospital of Ufa

In the emergency hospital of Ufa there are 19 clinical departments, 4 resuscitation and anesthesiological departments, 5 clinical and diagnostic departments. Medical activity is carried out in 15 profiles.

Specialists of the hospital provide emergency and planned medical care to more than 60 thousand patients annually.

More than 13,000 operations are performed annually, 1/3 of them are minimally invasive using endoscopic technologies.

According to the profiles "Neurosurgery", "Traumatology and orthopedics", "Cardiovascular surgery", high-tech medical care is provided.

Since 2009, the Regional vascular center for the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with vascular accidents has been functioning.

There are specialized departments for the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with cardiovascular disease: endovascular diagnosis and treatment, neurological for patients with acute disorders of cerebral circulation, medical rehabilitation and medical rehabilitation number 2 (neurorehabilitation).

There is a level I Trauma center, which provides specialized and high-tech assistance to victims of road accidents and those in need of trauma care, as well as those delivered from trauma centers of 3 intermunicipal medical districts. In 2018, medical care was provided to more than 11,000 patients.

The policy of our Hospital is to ensure the availability, quality and safety of planned, emergency, specialized, including high-tech medical care. Is a member of the National project "Health", in particular, within the framework of the Federal project "Fight against cardiovascular diseases" is re-equipped with modern equipment.

The mission of our hospital is to provide quality and safety guarantees to patients in the provision of emergency and emergency specialized, including high-tech care based on the principles of safety, timeliness, mercy and professionalism.

High professionalism of the personnel, modern equipment of the last generation, possession of innovative technologies allow to render timely medical care to the population of the Republic and with the best quality. Since 2019, we comply with the requirements of the international quality standard ISO 9001-2015.


List of medical services

Provision of specialized inpatient care for adults and children

Providing emergency and emergency medical care to adults and children

Medical rehabilitation

Paid medical services rendered emergency hospital of Ufa.

Algorithm of treatment in emergency hospital of Ufa for foreign patients

1. If it is necessary to receive medical care, a foreign citizen or his legal representative applies to the registry of the reception Department in emergency hospital of Ufa. Phone: 8 (347) 2 912 995

2. To provide medical assistance to a foreign citizen, it is necessary to present a document proving the identity of the citizen (if necessary, a document confirming the powers of the legal representative accompanying him).

3. Identification of the foreign citizen includes establishment of the following data concerning the foreign citizen:

surname, name, patronymic (if available);


date, month and year of birth;

details of the identity document;

data of migration card, document confirming the right of a foreign citizen to stay (residence) in the Russian Federation (residence permit or temporary residence permit);

address of residence (registration) or place of stay;

data of the contract (policy) of compulsory medical insurance (for foreign citizens permanently or temporarily residing in the Russian Federation);

data of the contract (policy) of the voluntary medical insurance concluded with the insurance organization created according to the legislation of the Russian Federation.

4. Prior to the provision of medical care, a foreign citizen is requested to voluntarily consent of the patient to medical intervention and informed voluntary consent of the consumer to the provision of paid medical services, the forms are signed with his own hand.

Medical documentation of a foreign patient is filled in in Russian.

5. When addressing a foreign citizen in a medical organization on the provision of medical care medical organization provides information about the Rules of rendering of medical aid to foreign citizens on the territory of the Russian Federation, approved by Russian Federation Government Decree dated 06.03.2013 No. 186. For this purpose, these Rules are posted on:

official website of the medical organization;

on the information stand located in the lobby of the medical organization.

Personal informing of the foreign citizen about Rules of rendering medical care to foreign citizens in the territory of the Russian Federation is carried out by the medical worker of the medical organization only after exact establishment of need of the foreign citizen in this or that form of medical care (emergency or planned). In case of need of the foreign citizen in medical care in the emergency form informing is carried out after elimination of threat for life of the foreign citizen and stabilization of his condition.

6. Foreign citizens who are insured persons in accordance with the Federal law "About compulsory medical insurance in the Russian Federation", are informed in the medical organization of the rights and obligations of the insured on compulsory medical insurance of citizens in the provision of medical care.

7. At rendering to the foreign citizen of medical care on a paid basis its informing according to Regulations on the order and conditions of providing paid medical services with emergency hospital of Ufa is carried out.

8. After the completion of the treatment of a foreign citizen, an extract from the medical documentation is issued to him or her, indicating the period of medical care in the medical organization, as well as the measures taken for prevention, diagnosis, treatment and medical rehabilitation. Medical documentation sent from the Russian Federation to another state shall be completed in Russian.

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Emergency hospital of Ufa

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